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Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Daily Message – June 17, 2017

Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior

Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Daily Message – June 17, 2017

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.” (Corinthians 12:4-6)
Know what your gifts are and multiply them as God intended. Do not waste time entertaining jealousy, resentment, frustration or any other negative feelings towards yourself or others. The head is not jealous of the feet, nor the heart resentful of the hands. On the contrary, each part of the body is grateful to the other and does whatever it can to support and protect the body as a whole. Exercise YOUR gifts today and be the best “you” you can be.

By Dr. Tae Yun Kim

Jung Su!

I found this a message that I wanted to remind myself of everyday. Do not put my talents underneath the bush…

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Regard mistakes as teachers, not judges

Kevin Campbell

Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, author, speaker, teacher, founder of Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy teaches to regard mistakes as teachers, not judges.  Another way to say this is that not making mistakes means I’m not challenging myself.  When I challenge myself to try something new, I will make mistakes, and those mistakes will help me learn how to do it better.  Mistakes are not “bad”, they are just feedback that I can use to learn what doesn’t work.  It doesn’t matter how many thousand light bulbs Thomas Edison made that didn’t work, it only matters that he didn’t give up and succeeded in the end.  When an Olympic athlete wins a gold medal, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes he/she made along the way, only the result matters.  Actually, I learn more from my mistakes than I do from my successes, so making mistakes and learning from them…

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Every step counts

Kevin Campbell


Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim, author, speaker, teacher, founder of Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy teaches that every step counts towards our goals.  Even small steps will move me closer to my goal, and every progress counts toward me getting there eventually.  Standing still doesn’t help, and stepping backwards hurts, but every step counts.  The important thing is I keep moving forward, even little by little.

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Look and gain insight!


I read today in Seven Steps to Inner Power, by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim,

Because your body and mind are one, they are in intimate communication with each other.  You can look at your body and gain insight into the quality of your thinking; and you can look at your thinking to determine how to shape and direct your body.  The-body-mind-connectionDoesn’t a health tree produce healthy fruit?  Just so, when your thoughts are healthy, your body reflects this condition.  Conversely, when you’re ill, it may be helpful to examine your state of mind or the state of your beliefs to locate the cause of your illness.

Reading on it gets deep!

Your body is the living temple of your consciousness.  As a manifestation of your Silent Master Consciousness, your body is a holy place and deserving of your utmost love, care, and respect.
Your body is…

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Self-Awareness: Knowing Who We Are

Inspiration for Positive Influence

Jung SuWon Martial Art‘s training provided me with tools I use and apply in my everyday life. Before each martial arts class begins, we read through the school’s creed and statements. All of the students must learn and memorize what we call the “Code of Ethics”, “Principles of Mental Conduct” and the “Silent Master Images”. My focus will be on “Principle of Mental Conduct #1” which is “Conquer your own weaknesses and fears rather than others.”

For me, this principle is all about self-awareness. In today’s modern world, everything is changing so rapidly. Technologies are changing and the way of life is changing. Trends and technology quickly become obsolete and things are changing at a much more rapid pace than ever before. As everything is changing, people are left wondering where do I fit in the big picture? What am I good at and where will I be when…

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Staying Focused through Summer

The Art of Jung SuWon

This is the time of year where school will be out of session and summer will officially begin. The students will be excited that school is over and they are able to have their summer break. There will still be summer school and tutoring and other activities, but I’m sure everyone is excited that the school year is over.

Now that school is out of session, this is a prime opportunity to focus, develop and work on a goal you’ve been striving for. Whether it is to try a new activity or try to improve at something, the next few months will be a good opportunity for you to invest your time into these activities. At Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy, we are always encouraging the students to not be afraid of new things. We want our students to gain the confidence to be able to try new activities…

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Holly Chamberlain


“True awareness means being right where you are, right now, without fear or worry or obsession about the future or past!”

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, “Seven Steps to Inner Power”

Yesterday I saw that the paint has worn away on a parking space outside where I work, in just such a way that the remaining paint now looks like a heart!

What are the odds of that, really? Kind of a miraculous, I think.

And definable it was a small miracle that I actually saw it yesterday because I’ve walked by that parking space, every day, for several years. But until yesterday, I never noticed that little bit of paint that now looks like a heart.  (So much for any awareness I might have thought I have claimed 🙂 . )

Seeing the painted heart, I remembered the quote, above, on awareness from my mentor Dr. Tae Yun Kim.

Suddenly I saw how…

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