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Holly Chamberlain

I saw a picture on-line today that reminded me of a concept Dr. Tae Yun Kim, 김태연 회장님, author, lecturer, CEO and 10th degree Tae Kwon Do “Great Grandmaster” has taught me.

When I saw this I thought, Wow, that’s just like Dr. Kim teaches,

“Rejoice in the lessons of pain and  hurt – they give you strength, they make you stronger!”

And that, “If you wish for an easy life, you’re on the wrong planet! ”

Dr. Kim has demonstrated this in her own life. Dr. Kim has faced huge obstacles from the culture she was raised in, to over coming prejudice,  and unexpected business challenges – but facing them with a positive attitude, Dr. Kim has overcome obstacles life has handed her.

Dr. Kim’s life and example has inspired me when I’ve been in tough times – each time I face/faced a challenge I think…

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