All the stories being posted about Dr. Kim in Korea are so inspiring!!! She has the most profound effect on people! I can’t wait for the next post!

Holly Chamberlain

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, 김태연 회장님 , yesterday was invited by the Small Business Program (SBC) in Seoul South Korea to tour their facilities, see their program, meet with some of their students, and give a lecture to their students.

SBC is a special, advanced program sponsored by the Korean government to help grow and train the next generation of businesses and CEO’s in Korea. Its sort of like an MIT or incubator for new business ideas and new CEO’s.

Several thousand people (under age 39) appy for the program each year, but only about 240 were selected this year. Those who are selected get a huge, huge opportunity to develop their business or product on the SBC campus, using SBC’s facilities and loans, taking classes to learn to become a great CEO, and to build a successful company and product.

It’s a very, very high pressure environment however…

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