Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I found myself a bit stuck in trying to find photos for the topic this week.  Do I show something that I do everyday, such as driving in my car, at work, at play?  Do I show pictures of other peoples lives? 

I thought it would be a bit dull to simply show this picture of me driving, but then I started to think deeper.  I recognized that I AM very grateful to have somewhere to drive and that I have a car!  I am grateful to have a job and to have money in my pocket to buy gas and food.  How easy it was for me to take those things for granted and assume they weren’t very worthy!  It really showed me that I was too quickly to be overly concerned about appearances and not so quick to be grateful the beauty around me. 

I thought about this quote from a book by Dr. Tae Yun Kim, The First Element: “Gratitude is a certain poise more than an action, an attitude more than a string of words.”

Me driving, something I do nearly every day


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