Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This is my first entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge

In this dream, there are stairs leading up (better than down!), but I don’t know where they go. I slowly start to climb.

In this dream, I am looking out over the water. All I see is my shadow and water and the water looks so inviting, so fresh…

Sitting by the water, watching the birds, feeling drowsy….

Clouds are dreamy to me; soft, fluffy, gentle…

In this dream, I am floating and there are colorful umbrellas all around me. We are all floating together…maybe I’m dreaming that I am an umbrella?

In this dream, I am surrounded by bright lights and loud noises. Then I hear the sound of coins falling all around me…I’ve hit the jackpot – on all machines!!!

And my eyes close as the sun sets, and now it is time for real dreaming to begin…



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