William Wallace Rides Again!

A lot of times, myself included, we can get caught up in the celebratory aspect of a holiday.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and barbecuing can become a bigger focus than the purpose of the holiday.  It was amazing to think about the 4th of July and what all those people 236 years ago went through in order that we can have freedom.  Persistence, sacrifice, unswerving belief, dedication, strength, etc, etc, etc…  I cannot fathom what our life today would be like without what our ancestors did all those years ago. 

After all the eating and talking was done, we watched the movie Braveheart. 

The portrayal of one man’s fight for freedom for his country helped remind me of how blessed I am to be here in the United States of America.  His dedication, belief, purpose, willingness to sacrifice is a great example of true warrior spirit. 

For many people these days, we are blessed that we don’t have to fight for our freedom and engage in battle.  However, on the spiritual side, we do need to fight for our souls and do what we can to help others. 

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim writes in one of her books,  Seven Steps to Inner Power:

“For now, just as a traditional warrior carries tools or weapons appropriate to his profession, here are three tools that will accompany you throughout your entire practice of Jung SuWon.


The knowledge of balance will be the armor you wear so you can travel fearlessly through any experience life brings to you.  Awareness will be the shield you use to deflect that which you do not need or want.  Visualization will be the sword you use to cut through worn, outmoded, or negative forms to make room for the new.”


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