Audit Time-Dr. Tae Yun Kim Teachings Help Me Through It

I am working on preparing for our annual financial audit and I had it all planned out as to when different tasks would be completed.  This is my last week to prepare, so it is very critical to get these tasks done.  I was really hopeful, but this week hasn’t been as productive as I needed it to be.  I started to feel discouraged and then I was reminded of how Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us to have a positive attitude and how my thoughts create my reality.

I felt so fortunate to have these tools within my grasp, so that I could change my thoughts into positive and productive actions!  Without these tools, I would have felt useless and that my efforts were futile, and I would have given up.  So, I still have a few days left to prepare and I know that having a positive attitude and a laser beam focus will serve me to get the job done on time!


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