Jung SuWon – Have a Purpose and Determination

At Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy, we have our Code of Ethics, our Six Principles of Mental Conduct and our Six Silent Master Images.  These are various mental focuses that Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches students.  One of the Principles is, “Have a Purpose and Determination”.   

To follow up to our recent Belt Testing, we had our Belt Ceremony, where the testing candidates find out whether they have passed the test to advance to the next belt rank.  There are always  a number of students that stand out for many reasons.  For this Belt Ceremony, a 5-year old students application of “Have a Purpose and Determination” is extremely special to me. 

This 5-year old boy recited the entire Code of Ethics by heart for the Belt Testing, which had everyone impressed at how hard he tried and how well he succeeded.  During the Testing, he was clearly excited and spoke with great enthusiasm.  During the days after the Testing, he asked his parents constantly whether or not he had passed and obtained his yellow belt.  He was very excited and couldn’t wait to find out.  He didn’t quite understand the concept of waiting to receive the results, and being 5 years old, who can blame him?

As it got closer to the Belt Ceremony, he got sick.  Being contagious, he could not attend the Belt Ceremony.  However, his Purpose and Determination to find out the Testing results prompted his parents to set up a Skype meeting so that he could watch the Belt Ceremony and we could see him.  He sat in front of the computer for the entire Belt Ceremony, dressed in his Jung SuWon uniform.   For a 5-year old, he was entirely focused during the whole Ceremony, just sitting there waiting for his name to be called. 

Not only that, but his father drove to Jung SuWon to receive his son’s belt and certificate from Great Grandmaster.  Then there was a group photo taken with Great Grandmaster, the father and a student holding up the laptop showing the student on screen. 

It was really beautiful to see the efforts of his parents and the extent that they went to support what their son so intensely desired.  It was such a pure desire too, based upon that little boy’s own hard work.  I’m sure he’ll remember this for the rest of his life.


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