Energy Demonstration

We had an advanced training class recently with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim at Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy.

Great Grandmaster demonstrated the power of energy.  Two people stood facing each other, about arm’s distance apart.  One person was a male, former Navy Green Beret soldier, physically fit and about 5’9″ tall.  We’ll call him Harry.  The other person was female, petit, about 5′ tall and had polio when she was very young.  As a result, standing can cause her to lose balance.  We’ll call her Mary. 

They pressed their hands against each other and the object is to push the other person back.  This is not an exercise of force or strength, rather the pushing comes from internal energy and strength. 

Sometimes this exercise can take several minutes, with both people pushing with an equal energy against each other.  I’ve done it myself and sweat starts pouring down after a few minutes of this type of exercise. 

In this case, we saw how Harry seemed to be stronger and was ever so slowly pushing the hands of Mary back toward her.  Great Grandmaster then put her hand on top of Mary’s head.  (It is a very sensitive energy point).  As soon as that happened, Mary pushed Harry’s hands back towards him and he soon lost his balance.  Great Grandmaster had transferred her energy to Mary. 

Someone watching this as a casual observer might think this was rigged, as it seems nearly impossible that such a small person as Mary could over power someone built like Harry.  However, this is the power of energy.  This energy, this life force, is all around us. 

It is the same energy that enables a person to be able to life the car up off of a person trapped underneath, and other similar stories that have been in the news.

Great Grandmaster is a ki energy (chi or life force) master.  She shows her students the power of energy in so many different ways and shows us how we can harness this power to bring greater good to our own lives.   

It was an amazing demonstration and experience!

Here is a video of some of Great Grandmaster’s demonstrations.  There is a recent energy demonstration from July 2011 that Great Grandmaster did for a very large audience here in Silicon Valley, but I can’t find the link!!!  It was truly spectacular & I will find the video ASAP!


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