Blessings are meant to be shared

This post is not about the Bible, but it does refer to the Bible.  When Jesus selected His disciples, He didn’t conduct interviews or post signs asking for interested people to apply.  He was walking along, saw some fishermen and said, “Come, follow me.”  The point is that many people in life have received various blessings, regardless of their background, social status or any other discerning factors.  When we receive blessings, we have the opportunity to share that with others.  There is a story, also in the Bible, where a farm owner leaves his farm in the hands of some of his workers.  He gives the workers some money to use while he is away.  Some of the workers invested the money and earned interest.  One worker buried the money. When the farmer returned, he was proud of the workers that had earned interest, but for the worker that buried the money, he was very upset.  He called that worker wicked and kicked him out.  The reason?  That worker had kept the money to himself and didn’t try to expand it.  The worker was selfish with what he had been given, where the other workers were not.

If we consider our own blessings as money, we should also try to multiply what we have learned and share with others.

At Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy in Fremont California, I have the opportunity to do this.  It is an amazing feeling being able to share what I’ve learned from training for almost 20 years with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim!  It doesn’t matter what age the student, in their own way, they hear and they digest.  I may not have had some of the same struggles that other students have had, but from what I have learned about energy and life, I am able to relate and give words of understanding and encouragement.  Even the smallest of students learn about sharing!  Some of our youngest students, those that were once shy and hid behind their faces, are now like mini-Jung SuWon ambassadors, bringing in friends from school and relatives!

As much bad news that we hear about, we need a good news campaign!  How does that start?  It starts with me!  When I hear about people helping others, it inspires me.  When I hear our students express about how much they’ve grown from training at Jung SuWon under Great Grandmaster, it reminds me of where I used to be in my life before I found Jung SuWon.

I was ready to end it all, because I couldn’t see any light for me in this world.  But, that is a much longer story that I will save for another time.

Let’s reach out, share the happiness, share the goodness and help others.  Whether it be through an association like Jung SuWon, through a friendship, through whatever, let’s reach out and help others.  You just may be saving someone’s life.


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