Belt Ceremony, Jung SuWon

Our most recent Belt Ceremony, Jung SuWon, conducted by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim:

We had the Belt Ceremony last night for the promotions from our recent Belt Testing.  The school gave out awards to students for attitude, attendance, leadership and best improved.  Parents of those who tested also received awards.  It is a beautiful site to see parents so supportive of their children, in whatever activities the children do.

We have a student visiting the school and he said that he has seen a few different promotion ceremonies and all that is usually done is to hand out a new belt to students en masse.  We do things different here at Jung SuWon.  Each student was given the opportunity to re-state their goal, (they had already set goals during their Testing), which helped to remind and reaffirm what they want to succeed in.  They received their new belt, handed to them directly from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim herself.  Then, starting with the most senior instructors, they tied the new belts onto the students.  Then the student took a white candle and lit it up and placed it in a big tray where all the lit candles were held.  At the time of lighting up their candle light, they stated their goal.

It was a beautiful evening, full of happiness and solid accomplishments.  Most of all, the feelings of pride and happiness that the students AND parents expressed are something that they will remember forever.


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