Jung SuWon’s Recent Belt Testing

At our recent belt ceremony (where students that tested receive their new belt rank), I witnessed one of the many miracles that I see happen on a regular basis to our younger student body.  A 7-year old boy started training with his older brother.  The 7-year old was extremely shy and would hide behind his brother in class.  He wouldn’t even say hello to anyone and would start to cry when he was approached.  After a few weeks of classes, he started to open up and talk to people.  At our last belt testing, he was able to stand in front of the entire school and speak into a microphone to state his goals and why he was training at Jung SuWon.  The look on his father’s face was priceless and the tears of joy in my eyes renewed my feeling of hope for the children of today. 

I am witness to miracles like this all the time.  I start to question what those children would be like if they hadn’t come to Jung SuWon for martial arts training.  Would they have found a different way to blossom?  What will they go on to accomplish in their lives?  Would anyone have given a shy child a chance, or just written him/her off as too shy to deal with? 

During the testing, I was helping a 4-year old girl who had started to cry.  All the white belts testing for yellow belt were sitting in a row and each took a turn to stand up, announce their name, age and their goal, and then break their first board.  This little girl was scared and she told me she didn’t know what to say.  She didn’t want to have to talk in front of everyone.  I made eye contact with her mother that was in the audience and the mother indicated that she wanted her daughter to continue the testing.  I told the girl to relax and just say the 3 things that she already knew how to say: her name, her age and her goal.  

When it was her turn to stand up, she spoke so firmly and with so much confidence, I could not believe that she had just been crying a few moments earlier!  And, of course she broke her board!  The look on her mother’s face was pure happiness and gratefulness.  The little girl stood taller and it was obvious that she felt really good about herself. 

At all ages, we can all learn.  Whether the children that come are able to stay for a short time or for many years, they learn life lessons that give them more confidence, more belief in themself and ultimately, we find them helping the newer students too.  Meaning, they learn the value of helping others and giving back. 

We’ve been posting new videos and many of Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s books are now available in the various different ebook formats – they can be found at smashwords.com and on the Apple iTunes Store. 

Here is one that is a compilation of several Black Belt Testings: (I am at the 4:41 mark)


If you are interested in energy and the softer side of martial arts, check out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqpiDZ04uuI


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