Tae Yun Kim, Jung SuWon Stripe Testing

Wow, we had an awesome Testing today at Jung SuWonGreat Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s spirit was felt throughout the entire event!

It was a truly rewarding day, as I had the opportunity to be on the “panel of experts” and give constructive feedback to those that were testing.  I’ve been working with a lot of those students to help them learn and perfect their basic techniques, their forms and their focus.  To see them come together and perform really well was very inspiring to me.

The youngest student was just 4 years old and she was amazing!  Her father was there and he was so proud of her and he shared that with everyone there.

Great Grandmaster, Dr. Tae Yun Kim has Six Silent Master Images, the first of which is “You Are One of a Kind.”  Even though a large focus at Jung SuWon is teamwork and unity, seeing each of the Young Warriors perform with each other clearly spoke to me how we each are so very unique and individual.  We all have our own individual goals, desires, dreams, strengths and weaknesses, but we all need each other in order to accomplish what we want in life.  Even though we are from different cultures, different beliefs, etc, we can still all get along in unity and harmony, without changing our core individuality.

Dr. Kim puts it best in her book The Silent Master: “I can achieve my goals. I share what I am, lovingly and givingly, because my unique part to play is necessary to complete the whole. I am alone, yet I am alone with the entire manifest universe and every other individual.  Together we are each alone, and together we are all-one, and together we each fulfill our unique purpose in harmony and peace.”


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