A Few More Financial Tidbits…

For those of you that train at Jung SuWon Martial Arts…remember, this Saturday is Testing!!!  Be there!  It is an awesome experience that Great Grandmaster, Instructors & senior belts all contribute to!

A few more tidbits that I’ve learned along the way…

Have all your financial statements & data sent to you electronically.  This removes the chance that things get lost in the mail or if someone steals your mail, they don’t see your financial stuff.  I know internet fraud and identity theft happens electronically too, but if you are careful, hopefully, the chance of that happening is slim.  The only bill I get in the US mail is my car insurance monthly bills.  I just haven’t looked into changing those over to electronic format.  It’s also nice having all my statements stored on my computer, I don’t have to manage all that paper and file folders and the inevitable paper cut (ever had a “file folder” cut? Major blood & pain there!) 

Shred!  I shred practically everything, especially if it has my name or address on it.  I even cut out my name and address on magazines and envelopes and shred that.  I shred register receipts, even if they have only the last 4 numbers of my debit card.  Be sure to recycle your shredding!  I figure, knowing the likelihood of identity theft is always looming out there, at least I can do my part and not be careless.


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