Unlock the Sources of Your Inner Power

cherriesLearn about the color “Red” in Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s “The First Element” book:

“Red stimulates and excites your nerves, pulse rate and blood circulation, and lends energy to your entire system. When you are fatigued, lethargic or sluggish  for any reason, red has an energizing influence. A little red in your environment gives warmth, a feeling of excitement and stimulation. Compassion, courage, and persistence are positive qualities associated with red; extreme passion & anger are more negative qualities. Food which helps impart vibration to you are plums, spinach, cherries, and radishes.”


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Unlock the Sources of Your Inner Power

orangesLearn about the color “Orange” in Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s “The First Element” book!

“Orange strengthens your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well being, and cheerfulness.  It has an anti-spasmodic effect which makes it a favorable vibration for problems with muscle cramps. It helps remove inhibitions encouraging the mind to broaden and open to new ideas. A diet to fortify the orange vibration in your system includes oranges, tangerines, apricots, mangoes, peaches and carrots.”


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Christmas Party at Jung SuWon

The Art of Jung SuWon

2017 is rapidly coming to an end which means it is holiday season. Christmas is right around the corner and then 2018 will be right here. Have you achieved the goals you set out for 2017? Do you know what your goals will be for 2018? Like our founder Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim talks about, we must have a “future memory”. The goal we have set is already achieved in our minds.

At the Jung SuWon Christmas Party, it is a great opportunity to converse with the parents and students and get to know each other better. Many times, students are dropped off at the school and the instructors are always running the classes. There might not be an extended opportunity for instructors and parents to interact with each other. However, at Jung SuWon, it is a community oriented martial arts school and we want to make a positive…

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You Have a Conscious and a Subconscious Mind

Tae Yun Kim - Seven Steps to Inner Power

To understand where invisible thoughts come from, you must realize that you have a conscious mine (accessible to your immediate awareness) and a subconscious mind (outside of your immediate awareness).  The prefix “sub” means underneath; so by definition, you have thoughts and feelings “underneath” you conscious mind, which you are not aware of.  You are however, affected by these thoughts and feelings.  Although you are not aware of them, they still operate.

What is your subconscious mind?  It is a storehouse of everything you have experienced –all your thoughts, feelings, memories; all the programming you’ve experience since you were born.  It is like an amazingly accurate video and audio tap recorder of your entire experience.  It is subconscious because your conscious mind was not designed to hold this volume of information.  your conscious mind has a different responsibility:  it processes only the information you need to function in the present…

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Are you where you want to be?

Unlock the Sources of Your Inner Power


by Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim, in The Silent Master book, pg 86

“If you are not where you want to be, now is the time to figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. But, there is no point in making plans until you know what you want.  And to know what you want, you have to examine your priorities.”


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Positivity is a Mindset

Inspiration for Positive Influence

There is so much issues and drama in the world today. We can turn on the news and see negative things happening across the world. It is true that we ourselves go through stress, struggles and tribulations. However, we have a choice as to how we want to feel about it. Having a positive attitude is a mindset, regardless of what circumstances you are in.

We have control of how we want to feel about ourselves or about our lives. Life will not always be perfect and it will throw curveballs at you, but it is important to take these in stride. Without that, we will let our issues consume us.

Training in the martial arts and meditating helps us to recognize the positive things in our lives and helps us maintain that emotional and mental strength. I’ve been trained by my founder Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim to embrace…

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What is your inner sound creating?

Unlock the Sources of Your Inner Power

inner sound2

Check it out in Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s The First Element book

“Many of us carry on an unspoken inner monologue that reflects our opinion of ourselves and the environment.

Listen to your inner words. Frequently check to make sure you’re talking positively about yourself.  “I am succeeding…My talent is valuable and desirable…I have my unique contribution to make…I am attractive…” whatever you need to say to help you on your way, not hinder you.”

He can do! She can do! Why not me!

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